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    Gov Con 101

    • 5 Tips to Growing Your Business With Government Contracts
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    Guide 1 - Case Study and Testimonials

    • Case Study Janitorial Cleaning Government Contracts
    • Government Contracts Testimonial with Karen Allen Empowering women and minority small business owners
    • Success Call with Tiffany Cowan of MooCow Productions Lands Her First Contract!
    • Teaching women how to grow their business by landing 6 figure contracts providing their services to government agencies
    • VIP Security Specialist Lands Government Contracts!
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    GUIDE 2 - Small Business Tips & Advice To Help You Grow yOur Business

    • #1 Reason Why It’s You Should List Out Your Business Services
    • 5 Common Things That Can Keep You From Achieving Your goals.
    • Do You Have an Exit Strategy for Your Business
    • 5 Simple Things That Put Money In Your Pockets
    • 5 Social Statuses That Gets You Paid as a Small Business
    • How to Catapult Your Janitorial Cleaning Business After COVID-19
    • How to Get Consistent, Sustainable Income As A Small Business
    • How to Make Money with Music
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    GUIDE 3 - Government Contracts 101

    • 3 Steps to Becoming a Government Contractor
    • Is Government Contracting For Me
    • How To Discover if The Government Buys Your Services
    • Top 5 businesses getting approved for government contracts right now
    • What is a NAICS code and how can I find it